What is CoinQuanta?

Automatically Finding Consistent and Healthy Trends from Hunderds of Investments
Many months ago I wrote a long script in Python to find consistently trending and lower risk price trends from a whole lot of investments (thousands) automatically. I was tired of missing out on all the good trends worth investing in or spending hours of manual work in researching promising investments.

The results I was getting were very interesting and allowed me to invest in opportunities even in a bear market with good results. Being an enthusiastic stock and crypto investor and having some Wall Street experience as well, I’ve decided to make a webapp version for a wider audience, and make it work for both the stock market (only NYSE and NASDAQ for now) and crypto currencies.  

I am still figuring out many issues (this is my first webapp), but here a few screenshots below of my current progress and so far I am quite happy with how it feels to use.

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If you want to join the beta program and provide feedback when it’s ready (by end of Jan 2019 or February):
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The main results screen automatically identifying investments with healthy and consistent returns, also screened for risk and high volatility.

Finding good trends and researching individual investments, all from a single screen and a single click away.

This helps cut down the time of finding highly promising candidates and researching them from hours/days to minutes.